Music Publishing

Our teams collaborate with premium clients to facilitate the development of new music and maximize the value of existing IP across our portfolio.

RecordLady HiRes

Royalty Collection

We collect and distribute royalties on behalf of our clients for music played, performed, and licensed around the world from more sources than any other company.


Sync & Creative Services

Our sync team offers bespoke writing opportunities for film and advertising, pitching, procurement, negotiating, licensing, and invoicing services for sync across every media category, exposure to blanket licensing programs, and sourcing of cover recordings and remixes.


Global Digital Distribution

We oversee the largest independent distribution operation in the world, enabling rights holders at all levels to directly reach the entire global music streaming market.

Crowd HiRes


Supporting creators is at the heart of what we do. Leveraging data and experience, we provide a range of financing options for creators at all levels of their career.


Marketing and Promotion

Our businesses provide clients with access to key B2B marketing channels that elevate the visibility of their music to fans and influencers globally.